Symptoms of HSV-1

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Cold Sores are also known as fever blisters and are related to small blisters that occur on the lips and around the mouth. Sometimes, the blisters break and start leaking fluids and then dry up after some days. HSV or Herpes Simplex Virus causes such cold sores. Both HSV-1 and HSV-2 can cause cold sores on the mouth and in the genital area. The infection spreads when you touch someone with a cold sore or when you touch an infected substance or liquid. Sharing eating plates, kissing a person who is infected, touching their saliva and so on, can also lead to the infection.

Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1

Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1


The first symptoms that occur are in the form of a pain in the mouth area and pain in the lips. The person can also suffer from fever or a sore throat. Swollen glands around the neck and other parts of the body are also symptoms of cold sores. Cold sores can be quite painful for many people. The sores usually start healing on their own but they can be treated with ointments and creams and also pills. However, they cannot be cured, as the virus remains in the body for the rest of the person’s life. Treatment can only reduce the severity of the symptoms and the frequency.

Primary Cold Sores

The first time that a person is affected by the infection is known as the primary infection. The primary infection can be quite different from the recurring cold sores later on. The mouth is the most common area affected area in case of primary infection. The infection primarily affects the mouth, as the rest of the normal skin in the body is quite resistant to the virus, but the mouth has a moist inner skin that has lowered resistance. The primary infection also usually occurs in childhood. Kissing other members who have cold sores can be one of the causes. In some cases, the symptoms of primary cold sores can be worse than the recurrent ulcers in the mouth.

Typical Blisters of HSV-1Sometimes, there is no symptom or very light symptoms of primary infection. There might be a small spot on the tongue, which might later result in cold sores that occur periodically. There might be ulcers in the mouth and the tongue or in the lips and also the throat. The blisters can also be quite painful and it makes swallowing and eating very difficult. This results in pooling of saliva in the person’s mouth and dribbling or drooling. The neck glands also start to swell and become tender. The person can get high fever and experiences aches and pains in the body. The infection slowly reduces and the sores disappear after a few weeks.

Recurrent Infection

This means the recurrence of the herpes virus, where it gets reactivated from the latent state of existence in the nerves under the skin. The mouth is the most common area affected in recurrent infection as well. However, it might occur in other parts of the body. Labial herpes occur on the lips, whereas herpetic whitlow appears on the fingertips. Wrestlers herpes occurs anywhere all over the body, such as the face, the arms and the neck, with lesions in various sites. The sores begin in the form of inflamed red bumps. They swell and fill up with fluid and the blisters later collapse after a few days.