Release Pressures

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Release Pressures

Multiple studies conducted in several universities across the globe have proven that stress or mental pressure is the leading cause of herpes outbreaks. Apart from stress, certain foods are also known to cause stress, eventually leading to severe herpes outbreaks.

One thing that you will have to bear in mind is that herpes in incurable. Once you have got the virus, there is no way of getting rid of it. The best you can do is to stay healthy so that your body’s immunity can combat the infection and control outbreaks.

You don’t need to visit an expensive spa or a retreat to get rid of stress. Here are a few tried and tested methods that will help you deal with stress, thus preventing outbreaks.

1. Meditate

Meditating for just a couple of minutes each day can ease anxiety. A recent research conducted in the United States claims that meditation has the power to alter brain’s neural pathways and make you less vulnerable to stress.

2. Deep Breathing

This technique not only helps in lowering blood pressure but also in slowing the heart rate. Breathing deeply involves focusing on just your breath, as it goes in through your nose and gets into the lungs. You can repeat the process while exhaling.

3. Speak with Someone

Speaking with someone over the phone or face to face has a positive impact and assists in lowering stress levels in the body. There are innumerable platforms such as WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook and Twitter among others, using which you can keep in touch with your close ones.

A study also shows that speaking about something bad that has happened during the day with someone you like, helps in lowering stress.

4. Alter Your Diet

There are several foods that if included in your daily diet can help you combat the ill-effects of stress. Some of the most popular fruits that are advantageous for stress relief. Some of the fruits are bananas, avocados, green tea, carrots, milk, yoghurt, almonds and chocolates. In addition to this, meat and fish can also help fight out stress.

5. Listen to Music

There is enough evidence to prove that soothing music can help lower heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety. Create a playlist of your favorite tracks and try focusing on the different melodies and instruments.

6. Exercising

It isn’t necessary that you run every day in order to stay fit. Performing yoga is also a great way of promoting mobility of your muscles. In fact, any form of exercise releases feel-good chemicals in the brain and therefore ease anxiety and depression. In case you don’t have enough place to run, try doing a little bit of stretching of the legs and shoulders.

Following the aforementioned guidelines will certainly help you keep stress at bay and therefore, combat herpes outbreaks.