Herpes on Lips

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The lips have a thin layer of tissue that offers lubrication to the skin of the lips through the mucous membrane. It is this part of the lips that is mainly affected by the HSV-1 virus, leading to herpes on the lips. Herpes on lips appear in the form of small clusters over the lips and near the mouth. The skin surrounding the lips becomes sore and swollen. The blisters open up after a few days and a clear liquid starts to seep out. They then dry up and form scabs after a few days. It could take two weeks for the sores to heal.

Picture of Herpes on Lips - 1

Picture of Herpes on Lips – 1

Herpes on Lips is a form of oral herpes that is caused by the HSV-1 virus entering the skin near the mouth. The infected person can spread the infection by touching the liquid and then touching objects used or shared by other people. Kissing a person infected with HSV-1 also leads to spread of the infection. The infection can cause just a single outbreak that lingers for a week or two and then goes away. However, in many cases, the virus reappears and leads to several outbreaks.

The primary infection or first outbreak typically begins with a pain and tingling sensation near the lips and the mouth. You might also have a slight fever or a sore throat along with swollen glands in your body parts. Smaller children can also be seen drooling during the beginning of an infection.

Picture of Herpes on Lips - 2

Picture of Herpes on Lips – 2

Though the virus remains in the body throughout the lifetime of the person, there are ways to treat the sores on the lips for alleviating the symptoms. For instance, you can apply lemon balm on the area within five days. It has antiviral properties and can be used on a regular basis for keeping the lips healthy and for protecting it from blisters. Petroleum jelly also helps healing of the blisters on the lips and prevents bacteria from entering the blisters and making them more serious. Avoid touching the sores on the lips, as this will only lead to quicker spread of the virus. This will also lead to a more severe outbreak of blisters on the lips.

Picture of Herpes on Lips - 3

Picture of Herpes on Lips – 3

HSV-1 or herpes on the lips and the mouth is quite common, with 90% of adults in America being exposed to it. Some of the preventive measures for the virus are to reduce stress; not to kiss people who have visible sores; washing hands frequently and using sunscreen lotions. Those already infected must not touch their eyes or their genitals and must not indulge in oral sex with their partners.