Herpes Dating Online

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Herpes Dating Online

There are several online dating sites that are exclusively and specifically meant for those living with Herpes and other STDs. These sites help people with herpes to find a similar partner, so that there is no embarrassment or guilt in dating. It is very comforting and increases the confidence of those living with herpes to see thousands of other such profiles.

Place A Profile

Typically, you will have to enter your name, age, sexual preference and other such details to enter the site. You can search for people with any STD or with Herpes in particular. The sites also allow the member to post his or her condition on the profile. This saves embarrassment and awkwardness when you chat with a person. Having herpes as a common factor among the members eliminates the possibility of a rejection on account of the virus.

Be a Little Discerning and Join Reputable Sites

Those with herpes should first try out a free site and if they find the features and the profiles attractive, they can become a paid member of the site. You can sign up for a paid membership of three months or so to begin with. When posting your profile, you can set up parameters about the location, the age and other factors or even block out people with certain STDs. Be sincere and don’t take others’ comments personally. There are many people out there who are just looking out to cheat or ridicule others. Be a little discerning and join reputable sites. Check out new prospects before actually meeting them. Herpes dating reviews like HerpesDatingSites.biz and HerpesDatingSites.us are a useful tool for you to choose the right online dating website.

Keep Yourself from Scammers

When writing out your profile, describe yourself as well as possible. Put up smiling, cheerful photos that represent you as you really look. Only reply to those profiles that meet your criteria. You can send a wink to others or reply with an interest or a wink to begin the conversation. Beware of profiles that don’t have any photographs attached to them. There are many scams out there in the herpes online sites and people who might try to trick you into giving out your personal information, credit card information and address and so on.

Be Careful in Your Personal Information

You can choose to mention your specific STD status on the profile or choose not to reveal it. You can save the information for people when you get to know them better. It is better to get to know someone really well before you share a lot of personal information. Keep safe by not giving too many personal contact details online. Use an email address that is separate from your usual work one. Never give out details of your place of work or residence unless you know the person well. When meeting for the first time, it is better to meet in a public place.