Healthy Foods

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Healthy Foods

Herpes is a popular kind of virus that is brought about by one of the two types of Herpes Simplex Virus. While genital herpes is known to affect the genitals, anal region as well as buttocks, oral herpes appears in the form of cold sores around the lips.

Experts believe that the symptoms of herpes disappear with passage of time as the body develops a sort of immunity to the virus. Nonetheless, in case you maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is likely that the severity of symptoms would get reduced and the body would evolve the ability to fight with the virus.

In a diet for herpes, there are a few foods that are known for combating the infection while others can trigger outbreaks. Till date, there is no cure for herpes and people witness frequent, painful outbreaks triggered as a result stress, sunlight and certain foods. Here is a list of the top foods, that if included in your diet can help you deal effectively with herpes.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Research has shown that a diet rich in lysine helps in controlling herpes outbreaks. Lysine rich foods also boost the body’s immunity so as to prevent the virus from wrecking havoc in the body.

Several autumn fruits are rich in lysine. Accommodating these in your regular diet can give you adequate amounts of lysine. Fruits such as apples, figs, pears, mangos and apricots are beneficial.

On the other hand, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and broccoli are the best fruits that aid in prevention of outbreaks. Potatoes, beets and beans are also advantageous in dealing with herpes.


Consuming dairy products such as yoghurt will cure your sores faster. In fact, it has large quantity of lysine and less of arginine, which makes for a perfect combination in combating with herpes.


Lamb, chicken, beef and fish are all lysine rich foods and are beneficial in the prevention of outbreaks.

Add Alkaline Foods to Your Diet

Another way of avoiding the occurrence of outbreaks is to maintain alkaline balance in your diet. Adding lemon to water is a great way of achieving this. Abstain from the consumption of caffeinated drinks as they would increase the arginine levels in the body.

Stress – Relieving Foods

If stress is a part of your life, then inclusion of foods rich in Vitamin B is a must. These foods are known to reduce the affect of stress in the body. Also, foods like berries, ginger, green tea and whole grains that are rich in antioxidants are helpful in dealing with outbreaks.