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Herpes is a common sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). According to the CDC, about one out of every six people aged 14 to 49 years have genital herpes in the United States. While some people get diagnosed with herpes, they feel upset and ashamed. Here at HerpesLand.com, we know how bad moment that can be. We help people to know what cause herpes, how to cure herpes and give them back their confidence of meeting new friends and starting dating again. But for some other people, they are unaware of their infection since most people with the virus herpes don’t have symptoms. So we provide information about how to test herpes, pictures, symptoms, what dose herpes look like and even more… In this way, people can get facts about herpes and know this virus better.

This is why we created HerpesLand.com.

A Blog Full of Tips and Remedies for People with Herpes

Our blog site will update regularly to provide enough information about how to live and manage with herpes. Having herpes can make people feel like that they are all alone in the world, however, there is a good news that people living with herpes can make new friends and build up your confidence to start dating again. Reading our posts, herpes singles can get tips for dating with herpes and sex with herpes. What`s more, we will post remedies of herpes on our website.

Not Only a Blog

HerpesLand.com is not only a blog site, but also a website where you can get facts about oral & genital herpes, including pictures, symptoms and more. Visitors can easily know what dose herpes look like, what causes herpes, how to test herpes and how to cure herpes here.

Our Site Founder – Derek Ma

Derek Ma joined a software company as a marketing staff after he graduated from the university in the December of 2011, and he has been working in STD dating service for several years. Derek even didn`t know anything about herpes at first, but he was getting to know the virus step by step in his work. Derek created this website to help more people to know better about herpes and how to control herpes.

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